• About ARCADIA

    Who we are?

    ARCADIA Management Consulting was founded in 2009 in the United States where it started its first activities in Overland Park, Kansas (The Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area). In 2010 the first official office was established in Amman, Jordan to be the official headquarter for the company with an ambition to become a global consulting firm. Today, ARCADIA Management Consulting has presence in 5 major continents with 3 major offices covering the United States, EU and Middle East Regions.


    The 4th industrial revolution that has been disturbing the economies and markets made us realize that we must adapt the changes happening and make our growth steady, with an eye on the technology trends in the market and how they are coming into a reality.

    The experienced technical and business teams at ARCADIA Management Consulting have a combined extensive experience and comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, and are committed to delivering exceptional solutions and results to our clients with one thought in mind; Building Successful Organizations and making our clients more efficient businesses, organizations and governments.

    Arcadia's Vision

    To deliver creative and efficient management consulting services, products and solutions to enterprises and organizations worldwide.

    Arcadia's Mission

    To innovate, provide and deliver advanced and creative high quality management consulting services, products and solutions.

    Arcadia's Values

    At ARCADIA, we stand for; Integrity, Honesty, Transparency, Commitment, and Being the Difference.

  • Management Consulting Services Supporting Our Clients' Strategic Objectives

    Helping Our Clients to Position Their Businesses on the Path of Success

    Focus on the Growth of your Business ....

    While Our Professional Teams Supporting Your Operations on the Ground

  • Consulting Services

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    ARCADIA Strategy

    Strategize Your Future

    ARCADIA Strategy services address the major challenges that face businesses. We help our clients shape their future goals and targets and accomplish a sustainable growth in a competitive global environment, by focusing on issues related to long term strategic vision, innovative operating and business models, globalization, technology challenges and digital disruption.






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    ARCADIA Transformation

    Be Your Best

    ARCADIA Transformation services bring to our clients innovative ideas that move their enterprises to an advanced business model that builds successful and sustainable modern enterprises. As your transformation partner, ARCADIA focuses on technology as a tool to transform businesses in the 21st century.


    The transformation experience for any of our clients is powered by our investment in technology and advanced business platforms and IT solutions, process innovations, like process automation and digitization, and analytics that lead to predictive modeling solutions ensuring right business outcomes.


    Our philosophy is to work with our clients to achieve their business strategy and goals, and partner with them through a “continues improvement and transformation strategy” in order to maintain a competitive advantage in their industries.



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    ARCADIA Human Capital

    Investing in Your Talented People

    Our Human Capital services focus on three major dimensions; Operations, Talent and Systems. Our aim is to be your major partner that can help your business manage your Human Capital by improving and optimizing your Human Resources Management business processes, adopting technology and retaining your human resources.






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    ARCADIA Consulting

    Make Your Business Works Better

    In a competitive global economy, successful organizations need a strategic consulting services partner to support their long term growth plans and provide innovative ideas and solutions.


    ARCADIA Consulting services can help your company address its functional issues and challenges and gain competitive advantage in your specialized industry through revised strategies, reconsidered business models and corporate development activities, technology innovation, business and digital transformation and human capital investment.






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    ARCADIA Customer Experience

    Innovate Your Customer Experience for Business Growth 

    Being the business/digital transformer for our clients, ARCADIA Customer Experience services are naturally embedded and integrated in any business/digital transformation initiative or project. We enable our clients to enhance their business models to be more customer experience focused with the innovative digital capabilities in our minds.


    Our approach is always focusing on the realization of the commercialized results for our clients, and performance improvements of the full value chain for the business.






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    ARCADIA Innovation

    Do Business in the Un-Usual Way

    Business-As-Usual (BAU) is not what we stand for. At ARCADIA Innovation, we look at the challenges facing any business as a new way and opportunity of “reinventing” the “usual way of doing business” in “an Un-Usual way” to help our clients compete in the market and achieve their goals and ambitions.


    Innovation is not a systematic methodology, and that’s what makes us specialized in this field. At ARCADIA, we always embed and integrate our Innovation Services into any transformation project (Business/Digital/Technology), which always brings the right results for our clients.




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    ARCADIA Project Management

    Focus on Your Business While We Manage Your Projects

    ARCADIA Project and Program Management services are designed to assist our clients in providing a fast delivery track that is associated with a high quality and the lowest cost possible for their business and technology projects.


    Our experienced teams have built successfully “results-oriented PMOs” in many industries and sectors that helped our clients to grow while they are focusing more on their business without worrying about the results of their projects and programs.



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    ARCADIA FinTech

    Modernize Your Financial and Banking Services Today

    Technology and the Digital Trends have transformed how financial services are being performed today. With ARCADIA FinTech Services, we help our clients in the financial services and banking sectors to achieve their future targets and modernize the way of doing business with a focus on the integrated global markets opportunities.






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    ARCADIA e-Consulting

    Getting Help For Your Business From Abroad

    With the advanced technologies available today, ARCADIA offers its consulting services to different locations globally through advanced platforms and telecommunications services and devices.


    Reaching out to countries and locations abroad allows us to help businesses, organizations, and individuals achieving their plans and goals.






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    ARCADIA e-Business

    Bring the "e" Revolution into Your Business

    ARCADIA e-Business Services are specialized in revolutionizing and modernizing businesses in different sectors and industries.


    We develop a full road-map for our clients to shift their way of doing business to enter the “e” era, and catch-up with the most up to date technologies. Our services include the implantation of the "e" initiatives and road-maps.






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    ARCADIA e-Commerce

    Selling Online is the Way to Go Forward for Your Business

    e-Commerce is growing and taking over the traditional way of doing business globally. It has become as a necessity and not a luxury channel of selling.


    ARCADIA e-Commerce brings to your business today a new way of doing business digitally and through best technological trends.

  • Let Us Help You Know What Robotic Process Automation Can Do For Your Business

    Cloud Solutions Designed For Better Performance

    Disruptive Technologies of the Future

  • Technology Services

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    ARCADIA Digital

    Digitizing the Future

    “Digital” has become the trend of the future and the way of doing business. ARCADIA Digital services can transform your business through a major strategic enterprise approach to digital technology that unlocks the full capabilities of your organization and improves experiences for all your employees and customers dramatically.


    Giving your customers a great digital experience, demands high level of experience and knowledge of market and technology trends, and ARCADIA Digital technology engineers are the right team to secure that for your organization.




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    ARCADIA Technology

    Automating Your Business

    In today's competitive global business environment, technology innovation has become the major trend for transformation services, where businesses increasingly depend upon technology systems, and across industries, technology is changing everything. It has become embedded in products and services and is essential for core processes and service delivery.


    ARCADIA Technology services come from a diverse range of backgrounds, and include both experienced IT and operations professionals and consultants. Our teams work closely with clients to deliver sustainable business results tailored to the unique dynamics of their industries and the special needs of their businesses.


    ARCADIA Technology services focus on four aspects of high demand technology; Internet Solutions, Operations Solutions, Sales Solutions and Open Source Solutions




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    ARCADIA Cyber Security

    First Line of Cyber Defense

    ARCADIA Cyber Security services provide innovative solutions that allow our clients to grow with confidence.


    With the different challenges that each industry has today when it comes to Cyber Security threats, our services cover the full value chain of the business through our specialized offerings, from Cyber Security Risk Assessment, Strategy and Governance, Standards and Controls, and Application Security Architecture and Design.


    Our comprehensive services help businesses with assessing, building and managing their cyber security capabilities, and enabling effective incident response to any potential threats.



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    ARCADIA Analytics

    Deal with Your Data as an Asset

    Decision making process needs always accurate “Data”. Leadership and Senior Management are always after the right information and data at the right time. At ARCADIA Analytics, we deal with the clients’ data as an “Asset” that allows them to make faster and better decisions, and work more effectively and efficiently. All of that with one target and goal in mind; increasing the profitability, cutting costs, as well as optimizing the way of doing business in the organization.




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    ARCADIA Disruptive Technologies

    Get Your Business Ready for the Future

    Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, Blockchain Technology, Virtual Reality (VR) and Digital Trends, are all considered emerging technologies and megatrends that are evolving and disrupting the way of how businesses are operating as well as how societies and communities are living their day to day activities. The future is changing very fast and businesses, governments, organizations, societies and communities need to be ready for the change.


    At ARCADIA, we assist our clients to get ready and transform their operations and way of doing business to adjust to the changes happening in their industries’ and sectors’ megatrends.

  • Bringing to You The Advice that You Need to Advance and Grow Your Business

    Allow us to Bring to Your Business the Latest Trends in the Market

    Business Relationship

    that Would Last

  • Advisory Services

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    ARCADIA Management

    Efficiently and Effectively Drive Your Business

    As operations become increasingly globalized and supply chains grow more complex, businesses must become more cost efficient and effective at delivering what their customers need and want. Customer demand for product innovation stretches resources and challenges traditional modes of operating. Leading companies embrace collaboration, pursue integration, and enhance capabilities, ensuring success in any business climate.


    ARCADIA Management services can provide your business with the right management strategies and enhancements to help your business grow, such services include Project Management, Program Management and Portfolio Management. ARCADIA Management can provide as well outsource services to your operational functions, allowing your business to focus on its core functions while cutting costs.




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    ARCADIA Risk

    Decision Making Made Easier

    ARCADIA Risk services support higher management in organizations to enhance and improve their strategic and operational decision making processes. Our professional team specializes in providing different services such as Internal Audit and Business Process Enhancement, Governance and Compliance, and IT Risk.






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    ARCADIA Financial

    Managing Financials with Confidence

    ARCADIA Financial helps our clients to maintain their bookkeeping and accounting cycle, while experiencing the lower costs, implementing better business processes and improving their internal controls. Our professional and experienced team can act as your Chief Accounting Officer and provide you with state of the art services that help your business grow.






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    ARCADIA Corporate Development

    Think Big ... Think Bigger ... Think Globally

    ARCADIA Corporate Development services focus on creating a strong, growing and sustainable environment for our clients. Such development services require making intelligent and innovative decisions, and awareness of global and international developments. Our team of professionals help our clients in different stages of their business age time line through Feasibility Studies, Business Plans, Sustainability Researches and Strategies, Marketing and Sales Planning, Procurement Monitoring and Development, and Globalization Planning.




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    ARCADIA Business Development

    Strategic Business Growth

    ARCADIA Business Development is the strategic partner for our clients to help them make critical decisions related to Transactional Advisory Services such as Vendor Selection, Bidding Management and Operational and IT Due Diligence. We also help and assist our clients in setting up their growth and expansion plans (locally, regionally and globally) as well as supporting them on the ground in opening new markets.






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    ARCADIA Entrepreneurship

    Innovative Creativity Mentor

    In ARCADIA Entrepreneurship services, our philosophy is that “Your Business is Our Business”. Entrepreneurs of any age and stage can always benefit from good advice.


    That’s why our coaches, mentors and workshops are at your service. Our entrepreneurship program is open to individuals of all ages whether you are in the start-up or growth phase of your business. We offer a variety of services such as Business Coaching, Business Mentoring, Consultations, Accounting Setups, Legal Information Awareness, and Connecting with the Professional Community.




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    ARCADIA Startup

    We Make it Happen

    If your business is a startup, ARCADIA Startup services are the right consulting partner to help you during setting up your business, and support you internally and externally. Our regional experience and global affiliations and partners, allow us to setup your business on the right path from day one.




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    ARCADIA Valuation

    Know the Real Value of Your Business

    Knowing the real value of your business and impacts many business decisions. At ARCADIA Valuation, we help our clients through a methodological approach that measures and analyzes their businesses’ performance and future ventures to determine the real and fair value of the operations they are dealing with.






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    ARCADIA Restructuring

    Restructure Your Business to Adapt to the New Challenges

    With a world full of dynamics and changes, businesses and organizations need to reassess their structures and the way of doing things to adjust to the changes happening in their business ecosystem due to internal and external factors.


    ARCADIA Restructuring offers to our clients a wide range of restructuring services, from Business Model Redesign, Organizational Redesign to Business Process Re-engineering. Our comprehensive integrated service lines give our clients the opportunity to have a full enterprise restructuring view to modernize and enhance their organizations.

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    ARCADIA Mergers & Acquisition

    Grow Your Business Through M&A with Specialized Teams

    ARCADIA M&A services support our clients with their merging and acquisition efforts and initiatives regionally and globally.


    Our specialized teams that cover the full cycle of businesses (Operational, Financial, Legal, Taxation, etc. …) can bring to the table the expertise needed to make such major and strategic transitions for our clients go as smooth, effective and efficient as it could.




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    ARCADIA Monitoring & Evaluation

    Achieve Your Goals Through Robust M&E Framework

    ARCADIA M&E services provide a full view and structured reports for the management, leadership and stakeholders with feedback on problems that need to be corrected (Monitoring) and examine whether underlying theories and assumptions were valid, what worked, what did not and why (Evaluation).


    Our teams assist our clients with building a robust M&E framework that can be the enterprise reference and the measurement tool for their projects and initiatives portfolios.




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    ARCADIA Business Planning

    Plan Your Business with the Experts

    Failing to plan will always lead to issues and risks while running your business.


    At ARCADIA Business Planning, we offer our clients the ability to setup the stage for their businesses with a detailed planning road-map that covers all the aspects and areas that need to be addressed while running the business.

  • Applications that Help You Run Your Business More Efficiently and Effectively

    Transform and Manage the Operations of Your Business with Our Automated Systems Solutions

    Advanced Systems to

    Monitor Your Performance

  • Products

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    Internet Solutions

    Digital Age Enabler

    ARCADIA provides a verity of recommendations and selections on Internet solutions that are considered essential for businesses and their operations. Such services include Virtual Storage Solutions, eCommerce Solutions and Email Solutions. We provide consultations as well as working hand in hand with your business on the design and implementation of these services.

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    Sales Solutions

    Dedication to Successful Results

    At ARCADIA, we believe that empowering every business to build extraordinary customer relationships is a must. The Sales Solutions that we recommend and help our clients on implementing, proved that they are capable of transforming the full enterprise and not a single functions of the business. With all the complexities businesses face, we made the choice of Customer Relationships Management (CRM) systems very simple.

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    Operations Solutions

    Efficiency and Effectiveness

    ARCADIA services as transform and manage the operations of your business through a different systems and solutions that help in running your business more efficiently and effectively. We work with the leading systems and solutions in the market that can modernize your organization. Such systems focus on the following aspects of your business:

    • Business Process Management (BPM)
    • Human Resources Management (HRM)
    • Project Management (PM)
    • Customer Service Management (CSM)
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    Open Source Solutions

    Free Technology ... Free Corporation

    To avoid expensive and complicated technology, solutions and vendors relationships, Open Source technologies and solutions have became a major contributor and player in the market for the past 15 years. ARCADIA can help organizations to utilize systems to run their operations smoothly and with a very low cost. Some of the solutions that we can help your business with are the following:

    • Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)
    • Content Management System (CMS)
    • Educational Management System (EMS)
    • Advertisements Management System (AMS)
    • Classified Advertisements Management System (CAMS)
    • Email Marketing System (EMS)
  • Government and Public Sector

    Banking Services

    Financial Services

    Wealth Management

    Healthcare Management

    Medical Labs Services


    Power and Utilities

    Oil and Gas


    Logistics and Shipping

    Travel and Hospitality


    Media Broadcasting

    Engineering Management

    Restaurants Management

  • Industries We Serve

    Capital Markets

    Banking Services

    Financial Services


    Wealth Management

    Family Business

    Government & Public Services


    Travel & Hospitality

    Web & Internet Technology


    Healthcare Management

    Medical Labs Services

    Power and Utilities

    Oil and Gas


    Logistics and Shipping

    Engineering Management

    Restaurants Management



  • Supporting Businesses and Organizations with the Latest Knowledge and Training Programs on Latest Markets' Trends

    Professional Capabilities Building Resources for Professionals and Leaders

    Academy of the Future's Skills and Markets' Needs

  • Training Services

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    ARCADIA Training

    Knowledge Transformer

    ARCADIA Training provides wide range of training topics and modules that address the latest issues in the market. Our training courses cover most of the services and sub services that we provide in ARCADIA, and our experienced professionals are the ones who work on delivering these topics with exceptional case studies.






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    ARCADIA Academy

    Consulting Megatrends Simplified

    ARCADIA Academy focuses on building a structured curriculum that addresses the latest megatrends in Management, Business and Technology Consulting fields.


    Our programs, and through cooperation with educational institutions, add values to our clients (Businesses and Individuals) to help them advance in their fields, industries and sectors.

  • Research Centers to Predicting the Future

    Advanced Research Labs for Future Technology Trends

    Professional Publications to Share Our Knowledge and Future Outlooks

  • Research Services

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    ARCADIA Research

    Predicting the Future

    ARCADIA Research is committed to follow the most up to date researches globally and cooperate with institutions and associations worldwide to bring to our clients the most valuable information, data and market trends needed for their fields, industries and sectors.


    We also conduct our own researches based on regional and global cases and markets to assist and support our clients in achieving the most from our services.


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    ARCADIA Publications

    Sharing our Knowledge and Finding

    As part of our commitment and loyalty to our professional community, we have designed a periodic publications cycle that is being prepared and published through ARCADIA Publication services in multiple professional bodies, allowing the professional consulting society to get access to such information.




  • Partnership Programs that Lead to Growth, Expansion and Sustainability

    Diversified Partnership Programs Serving Everyone's Needs

  • Collaboration Channels

    At ARCADIA, we developed several channels and programs to cooperate with professional services providers worldwide to expand our professional network and collaboration.

    For more details, please contact: partners@arcadiaconsult.com







  • Middle East - Jordan

    European Union - Estonia

    United Kingdom - England

    North America - USA

    Africa - Egypt

    Southeast Asia - Singapore

  • Offices and Representation Teams

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    Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

    (Middle East Head Office)

    Established in 2010

    ARCADIA Jordan is the central hub office that is serving the Middle East region and surrounding markets (Iraq, Syria, Palestinian Territories, Lebanon), in addition to the GCC markets as well.

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    Republic of Estonia

    (EU - Head Office)

    Established in 2019

    ARCADIA EU was established through our office in the Republic of Estonia. The office serves the EU markets and provides services and expertise to the other offices and regions globally as well.

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    (UK - Head Office)

    Established in 2021

    ARCADIA UK was established through our office in the London - England. The office serves the UK markets and provides services and expertise to the other offices and regions globally as well.

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    United States of America

    (North America - Head Office)

    Established in 2009 (Representation Office)

    The USA market was the first market that our company served in 2009. It is considered the main office for megatrends research and development (Sector - Industry - Services). Our Representation Office is based in Overland Park, Kansas and serving all the states in the US.

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    Arab Republic of Egypt

    (Africa Representation Office)

    2019 (Affiliated Office)

    ARCADIA Africa was established through our Affiliated Office in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The office serves the African Union markets and provides services and expertise to the other offices and regions globally as well.

    broken image

    Republic of Singapore

    (Southeast Asia Representation Office)

    2019 (Affiliated Office)

    ARCADIA Southeast Asia - Singapore was established through our Affiliated Office in the Republic of Singapore. The office focuses on the market in Singapore and provides services and expertise to the other countries int he Southeast Asia region (Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines)


    Arcadia Management Consulting L.L.C

    Global Headquarter Office - Amman City

    Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

    Amman Gate Towers (Airport Road)
    Queen Zain Al Sharaf Rd.

    Floor Level# 5- Office# 506
    Amman, Jordan P.O.Box 851513 - 11185

    Amman Gate Tower
    Amman - Jordan
    Sunday - to - Thursday
    Virtual Teams:
    Friday and Saturday